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  • Professional & Licensed Painting in Alton IL

    Your home is probably your most important asset; we recommend that you treat it as such. One of the best ways to increase the value of your home and really make it pop is adding a fresh coat of paint to your interior and exterior walls. Good news is, if you are in the Alton, IL area than we have you covered. At Cy Wuebbels & Sons Painting we have a passion for painting and let our craftsmanship speak for itself. With each of our licensed painters required to have a four year apprenticeship, we guarantee a job you can be thrilled about.   

    Our Painting Services in Alton IL

    We provide a plethora of painting services within the Alton, IL area for both, residential and commercial clients. Using paint from Sherwin-Williams and Porter, we offer custom color matching to make certain the shade and color you want is what you get.

    One of the reasons we are so efficient and respected, is our meticulous attention to detail. The little stuff does matter. With our high quality tools and various brushes, famous paint and superior technique, it is no question who you are going to call! 

  • Commercial & Residential Painting

    From office buildings and banks to restaurants and hospitals – we serve all residents of the Alton, IL community. Residential or commercial, we offer extensive care and numerous services whether it is interior or exterior painting needed. For more information, call us today or check out our website.

  • Fire & Water Damage Restoration

    In all honesty, we hope that you don’t need us for this because we understand the burden and stress that fire and water damage can do. But, in the off chance that this does apply to you, we are here to ease the burden. Offering fire and water repair, we can eliminate the filth brought on by these damages and restore it to what it once was. For more information, call us today or check out our website.

  • Wallpaper Removal

    If you are looking to get rid of your current wallpaper – understand that it is no easy task. This is why we recommend getting professional help. Luckily for you, we mix a solution of hot water and an enzyme based wallpaper removed to help breakdown and finish on your wall. For more information, call us today or check out our website.

  • New Construction

    We also help paint new construction projects, or homes undergoing remodeling. This service requires two critical factors: high quality and a commitment to meeting deadlines. As a homeowner, we understand that the last thing you want holding up your move-in date is interior or exterior painting work that needs to be completed.

  • At Cy Wuebbels & Sons, we have familiarity working with contractors and homeowners. Our process guarantees quality craftsmanship and results that you can be proud of. We consider ourselves experts in the business and have excellent time management, which leads to better prices for you.